About Jarðgerðarfélagið

Jarðgerðarfélagið ("YARTH-gehr-thar FYEH-lahg-ith") composts organic material from municipalities, companies, and individuals, via the bokashi method. We believe that composting is a necessary part of the circular economy, and that it should be widely accessible.

Our goal is to build healthy natural and social ecosystems. Our approach to this goal is twofold:

1) Redirecting organic raw materials from landfills to local composting facilities

2) Utilizing the resulting compost as a nutritious fertilizer for land reclamation, agriculture, and gardening

"Food waste" is a valuable resource, and ensuring that it's used to its fullest potential requires reframing how with think of and interact with it. As we expand our efforts, we do so with a guiding principle of empathy and cooperation. Composting should not be stressful or difficult — in fact, we think it's rather fun.

The Team


Julia Brenner is a soil scientist and the head of Research and Development at Jarðgerðarfélagið. She received her Master's of Science in Earth Sciences from the University of Iceland where she studied the impact of organic fertilizers on degraded Icelandic soils. She completed a post-Master's fellowship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, where she researched nutrient cycling in tropical ecosystems. She is passionate about soil health, biodiversity, and closed-loop systems.


Björk Brynarsdóttir is a project manager, service designer and facilitator, and head of Project Management at Jarðgerðarfélagið. In 2018 she received her diploma from Kaospilot, a creative business school in Denmark and has since then worked with team facilitation and service design. Her primary focus has been on building up Jarðgerðarfélagið through equipping households in Iceland with the skills to compost at home and scaling up bokashi as a method for municipalities to process organic waste.


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