Municipalities and companies

We are actively developing composting solutions that enable municipalities to fully process and utilize organic household waste as a valuable resource. The bokashi process offers a local, energy-efficient, and cost-effective means of composting that emits significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than landfilling. The end-result is a nutritious fertilizer that can be used locally for land reclamation, forestry, and ecosystem recovery.

In addition to working in a municipality's centralized waste-sorting facility, we also incorporate an upstream, user-oriented approach by collaborating with the residents of the municipality. Ultimately, sorting organic material is a human process. Adjusting attitudes and habits needs to be done from a place of empathy and cooperation among individuals.

In the summer of 2020 we initiated a pilot project in collaboration with the Rangárvallasýsla municipality and the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland. A report on the first phase of the pilot project can be found here in Icelandic and English.

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